Sanatorium Zharkent Arasan

Sanatorium "Zharkent-Arasan" is located in the mountainous area, on the spurs of the small Zhungar Alatau (1100 meters above sea level), in the gorge, on the bank of the river Burakozhyr. The sanatorium connects with the city of Zharkent and with all the settlements of Panfilov district asphalt road. The distance from Almaty is 325 km, from Taldykorgan 280 km, from Zharkent 40 km. Sanatorium in its profile balneogryazevoy. Apart from the climate, the healing factor is weakly mineralized, thermal, radon, chloride-sulfate, sodium mineral water. Zharkent-Arasan mineral waters are analogues of Belokurikhinsky thermal, slaboradon waters (Russian Federation, Altai Territory). Therapeutic base: - Radon baths - Gynecological irrigation - Intestinal irrigation - Dental irrigation - Physiotherapy - Mud applications - Paraffin Wraps - Massage - Mechanical massage - Oxygen cocktail - Dosed drinking of mineral water Indications for preventive treatment: - Diseases of the nervous system (central and peripheral, functional and organic diseases); - Gynecological diseases on the background of hyperestrogenia and neuroendocrine disorders (inflammatory and non-inflammatory fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, climacteric syndromes, etc.); - Diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract; - Diseases of the endocrine system, eating disorders and metabolic disorders (goitre with hyperthyroidism, diabetes, obesity, etc.); - Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (chronic eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, scleroderma, etc.); - Diseases of the circulatory system (IHD, arterial hypertension, obliterating endarteritis, thrombangitis, thrombophlebitis, etc.); - Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.); - Diseases of the respiratory system: upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, inflammatory nonspecific respiratory diseases, allergic diseases - bronchial asthma; - Inflammatory diseases of the liver, biliary tract and pancreas Check out time is 12.00. Note: 1. The participants of the Second World War have 25 discounts from the cost of the tour. Accommodation of children from 3 to 7 years there is a 25% discount from the cost of the voucher without the provision of additional space, from 7 years and older full payment. 2. The paid sums for treatment, food, accommodation and other services in connection with the return of money to vacationers are issued with 50% retention, or with a guarantee of preserving the remaining days before the end of this year.
Name Price (KZT)
2-х комнатный номер (люкс) (103 комната) 25500
1 комнатный 1 местный номер полулюкс 14000
2-х комнатные 2-х местные номера. В номере санитарный узел, душ, телевизор и мягкая мебель. Полулюкс. 12000
1 комнатые 2-х, 3-х местные номера. В номере санитарный узел, душ, холодильник и телевизор. Улучшенные номера. 12000
1 комнатный 2-х местный номер полулюкс 10000
2-х местные секционные номера в главном корпусе. Санитарный узел в секции, телевизор и холодильник в холле на этажах 9000
2-х местный улучшенный номер на 1 этаже 9000



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