Sanatorium Almaty

Sanatorium Almaty
The price includes: Full board - 6 meals a day: Breakfast Koumiss; Dinner; Snack; Dinner; Kefir; Treatment (as directed by a doctor); 19 types of procedures (as prescribed by the doctor); Outdoor and indoor swimming pool with sauna; Gym; Yoga classes; Leisure: Cinema; Karaoke; Disco; Concerts of masters of arts of the RK; Billiards; Table tennis; Library; Board games (chess, checkers, etc.); Animators for children. Phytotherapy; Büvet (daily intake of mineral water) Terrenkur; Climatotherapy; Excursions to the sights of Almaty. Note: 1. Children under 2 years stay free of charge. 2. Check-in time is 12:00 hours, check-out time is 10:00. 3. Early check-in and late check-out is possible only upon prior request and upon availability of rooms. 4. In case of early arrival more than 12 hours before the set time, the cost of the tariff for the previous day is charged; In the case of an early arrival less than 12 hours before the scheduled time, 50% of the fare value is charged. 5. In case of late departure after a set time of more than 12 hours, the tariff is charged for the next day. 6. In case of late departure after a set time of less than 12 hours, a payment of 50% of the fare value is charged according to the approved price list. 7. The administration reserves the right to change prices and conditions in accordance with the season. 8. The price includes the services of the swimming pool, gym and sauna. Diagnostics: In the treatment and diagnostic center of the Sanatorium, highly qualified doctors render consultations and diagnostics in 26 specialties (therapist, neurologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, urologist, gynecologist, dentist, psychotherapist, nutritionist, allergist, etc.); A wide range of diagnostic services is provided, including: retgenologic and ultrasound diagnostics, spirography, echocardiography, treadmill, bicycle ergometry, daily Holter monitoring (ECG and arterial pressure), video endoscopic bronchoscopy, gastroenterological, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, polysomnography, electromyography, the whole range of general clinical , biochemical, immunological studies, ELISA, PCR, allergodiagnostics, etc. In addition, in the structure of treatment-dia The Gnostic Center has offices for aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery. Procedures in the sanatorium: - Shockwave therapy (UVT) - "Floating bath" - Bath "Karakala" - Vichy Shower - Vacumede - SPA - capsule - Halotherapy - Cryotherapy - Dry hydromassage - Laser therapy - electromagnetic radiation - Magnetotherapy Ultrasonic therapy - Diadynamic therapy, Light therapy - Bioptron - Traction therapy, Ozocerite therapy - Charcot's shower, circular shower, ascending shower, underwater shower massage - Mineral baths, 2 - 4-chamber baths, pearl baths - Dry and wet carbon dioxide baths, Ozone sauna - Galvanic mud treatment, Mud treatment (peloids) - Hydrocolonotherapy, Intestinal irrigation, Gynecological irrigation - Nebulizing and stationary inhalations - Mineral irrigation and mud gum applications - Traction therapy, Buvet, Phytotherapy. stay of children from 2 to 7 years 6000 tenge. Accommodation for children from 7 to 12 years 11,500 tenge.
Name Price (KZT)
Четырехкомнатный номер "ВИП” 2-местный 200000
Трехкомнатный номер "ВИП" 2-местный (при проживании 2-х человек) 180000
Четырехкомнатный номер "ВИП” 1-местный 150000
Трехкомнатный номер "ВИП" 1-местный (при проживании 1-го человека) 120000
Двухкомнатный номер ”Люкс" 2-местный 60000
Однокомнатный номер "Стандарт" 2-местный 46000
Двухкомнатный номер ”Люкс" 1-местный 45000
Однокомнатный номер "Стандарт" 1-местный 30000



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