Three-star hotel "Meridian" is considered one of the best in Karaganda. It was built recently and meet stringent modern requirements in the abundant competitors the hotel business. To begin with, the hotel is conveniently situated almost in the heart of the city. At the protected area around the clock there is a modern hotel complex and parking. Here you can quickly reach any point of Karaganda. Hotel "Meridian" is able to take and provide their customers with everything necessary. To services of clients - a cafe and bar, which can talk separately. Bar of the hotel complex "Meridian" has already become one of the attractions of particular pride. Comfort reviews provided by professionally trained service personnel. When a guest comes, he does not just taste the food cooked by diligent cooks, but a dip in the sea taste and sophistication, excitement and pleasure. Collective bar has made every effort and skill for cooking any refinement and gain the approval of the most demanding people. Proof of this are the numerous thank-customer feedback. At the request of the guests - possible delivery of the ordered dishes directly in the room. Meridian maintains and multiplies the best national traditions of hospitality, who know and love not only our compatriots, but also numerous foreign guests. And the prices? Prices you will be pleasantly surprised ...
Name Price (KZT)
Люкс 2 комн 11000
Люкс 1 комн 10000
Стандарт четырехместный 9200
Стандарт трехместный 7400
Стандарт двухместный 6000


  • Маргарита

    Отель Меридиан очень удобная, тем что находится в центре города и недалеко от вокзала. Этот отель очень гостеприимный. Я сама там прохожу практику и мне очень нравится расположение номеров, обслуживание гостей. Цены просто удивили меня. Молодцы продолжайте в том же духе


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